Elder Care Clark County WA

Dementia elder care Clark County WA

If your loved one is starting to show signs of dementia, it can be a time of great change. As the son or daughter or spouse of a senior with signs of dementia, you will want to honor the wishes of your loved one, but this can also create quite a dilemma. It can be difficult to determine when it is actually time to move the person to an elder care home or adult family home. The factors that can help determine this include the level of care the person requires, the level of care they are currently receiving, and the level of safety in the present living situation. Many families wait until there is a major crisis before taking action to move the senior into an adult family home. Because dementia does not have a set pattern that makes it predictable, changes in the person’s condition can happen quickly and without warning. elder care Clark County WA

At Harmony Senior Homes we provide personalized dementia care for seniors. This means that we see the resident as a unique individual, rather than focusing on the disease and the lost abilities of the person. We recognize that dementia is only part of the person, and our goal is to see the person as a whole. We understand that behaviors may be a way for a person with dementia to communicate her needs. Then we can work on getting those needs met. This holistic approach enables us to see the senior as someone with personal beliefs, remaining abilities, relationships and experiences that make them who they are.

Elder care Clark County WA for people with dementia is one of our specialized services. Call to schedule a visit and come see how our caring approach can enrich the life of your loved one.