Contemplating the advantages of a long life:

We all know that the senior years come with their share of challenges, but most seniors would agree that there are also some things about aging that make growing older a wonderful stage of life. Here are a few things that get better with age.

Older people who are retired have more time for the activities and people they most enjoy. Grandchildren are one of the blessings seniors most often cite as one of their happiest relationships. Adult Family Homes Vancouver WA

Growing older gives one a broader perspective on the world, and on life. Seniors have the time and opportunity to participate in civic activities and volunteering. People over the age of 65 vote at a higher rate than that of any other age group.

Though it sounds like a platitude, wisdom really does come with age. One of the benefits of having a lifetime of experiences under your belt, is all the lessons that have been learned. Applying those insights to today’s problems and decisions, and helping others who may come to you for advice is a valuable way to use the wisdom that comes with a long life.

Many seniors feel a sense of accomplishment about their lives. Whether you’ve raised happy and successful children and grandchildren, sustained a happy marriage, served our country, retired from a meaningful career, or fulfilled life goals, it can all lead to feelings of satisfaction and contentment.

Another thing to enjoy about old age: many older adults are more comfortable with themselves. They give themselves permission to stop caring what other people think, and have a healthier self concept in old age.

These are just a few of the benefits to be found in living into old age. At Harmony Senior Homes we have the honor of witnessing many of these blessings daily.