Adult Family Homes Vancouver Washington

Reasons to flourish in adult family homes Vancouver Washington

Adult family homes have a cozy, comfortable and homey atmosphere. They certainly don’t feel institutional in any way. Seniors who have moved to adult family homes say that they prefer living in their adult family home to living alone. Here are some of the top reasons they’re happy with the change. adult family homes Vancouver Washington

Most seniors find it increasingly harder to keep up a yard and a home. When they move into an adult family home they no longer have vacuum, change light bulbs, scrub floors, mow the lawn, shovel snow – the list is long. The relief is great.

There is no reason to be bored in an adult family home. There are always people to visit with, activities to choose from, and entertainment both in the home, and sometimes out in the community too.

Sometimes seniors living alone can develop poor eating habits. In an adult family home, residents don’t have to shop for groceries, prepare meals, or clean up the kitchen after a meal. They get to enjoy delicious, healthy food, properly prepared. Since adult family homes are small communities, there is lots of opportunity to adapt meals to the tastes and dietary needs of the residents who live there.

At an adult family home there is no longer the need to drive. For many seniors, driving has become a stressful task. Others have already given up driving themselves and have to rely on family, friends and public transportation to get around. This is a big benefit of moving to an adult family home. Most of a resident’s needs are taken care of right there in the home. Transportation arrangements are made to get residents to appointments, to church, and other outings.

These are just some of the reasons residents of Harmony Senior Homes Adult Family Homes Vancouver Washington love living here. To find out more about us, schedule a tour.  We’d love to show you around.