Vancouver Washington Adult Family Homes

Making the transition into Vancouver Washington adult family homes:

Once you or your loved one has made a decision to move into an adult family home, your need to plan and gather information does not end. This is a major life-changing event, and there is still much to understand and decide. There are things you can do to help ease the transition for yourself or your loved one.

Vancouver Washington adult family homes

Keep talking about the changes, your needs, and your feelings. This will help everyone adjust and get their needs met. Ask any questions that come up during the transition process. The staff at your new residence will be glad to answer any questions you come up with. Keep gathering information as you proceed.

Make a plan for the transition, and use it to guide you, adjusting it as necessary. At the same time, try to be flexible.

Remember that moving into an adult family home means leaving behind a familiar way of life, and maybe a lifetime of possessions. Different people have different reactions to this change. Some feel relieved, looking forward to having fewer responsibilities, and others may feel anxious and experience it as a loss. Whatever the feelings are, the support of family and friends is so important for anyone going through this transition.

After the move has occurred you should expect a normal period of adjustment. It will take some time for routines to become established and things to get familiar. Be sure that any concerns or questions are discussed with adult family home staff, and ask for what you need. Adult family homes are often able to make changes to better meet the needs of residents. In Vancouver Washington adult family homes specialize in meeting the needs of seniors and the families that love them.