Assisted Living Vancouver WA

assisted living Vancouver WA caregiver imageMany families, new to the concept of finding a safe place for a loved one, use the search phrase “assisted living Vancouver WA” in lieu of the more appropriate (and official) phrase for homes like ours “adult family homes”.

Assisted Living Vancouver WA, technically, is a phrase that would apply to larger facilities that may encompass a different set of services.

In Washington state, the most obvious difference between what makes a facility fall under one or the other title has to do with the number of residents that the facility is allowed to provide service to. Learn More.

If your search for assisted living Vancouver WA has brought you to our site, we look forward to helping you explore the type of assisted living adult family homes like ours can offer. Assisted living solutions provided by an AFH is appropriate for people who do not need extensive medical assistance but can no longer live alone. By choosing an adult family home for your loved one’s assisted living needs you will be keeping them in a safe, family centered environment. We consider not only our residents part of our family, but we feel the same about their loved ones.

As a second generation in the business of adult family homes, we have first hand and life long experience caring for seniors. As we would our own senior family members, we will make sure their spiritual, social and nutritional needs are met.

Please contact us to explore how our personal commitment to the quality care of seniors that can no longer live alone may be exactly what you need in a time of change in your own family.

Would you be more comfortable working with a (no fee to you) senior adviser in your search for assisted living Vancouver WA?  Check out A Caring Heart.