Clark County WA Assisted Living Choices

Top trends in Clark County WA assisted living choices:

One of the top trends in assisted living choices today is the smaller, more familiar atmosphere of an adult family home. More and more seniors and their families are searching for this type of living arrangement. It’s the feeling of the home, from the care staff, to the food, the fellow residents, the neighborhood, to the intimate size. It’s a real home, with a living room, a normal kitchen, and a backyard. Clark County WA assisted living choices

Each adult family home has its own personality. You can tell when you walk into the foyer, sit down for a meal, or visit in the living room that this home is a good fit for you or your loved one. Harmony Senior Homes are places where the residents and care staff are connected, and see each other as extended family. The staff in our adult family homes has a deep commitment to what they do, and our residents feel the respect and devotion the staff has for each of them.

Another advantage of the smaller-sized environment is that it can ease the transition when it comes time to move in. Our homes are all very welcoming to visitors and new residents, and it is very comfortable for new residents to fit in here. For many reasons, Harmony Senior Homes is one of the top options in Clark County WA assisted living choices.