Family Style Assisted Living in Vancouver WA

Assisted Living in Vancouver WA family styleAdult family homes allow us to offer family style assisted living in Vancouver WA.

If you  are in need of assisted living in Vancouver WA you should take time to understand the differences between larger “assisted living facilities” and adult family homes like Harmony Senior Homes offers.

Each of our locations is designed with thoughtful care to insure the finest senior care in a loving family style setting. Our residents are not guests or patients, they are part of the family.

Our homes are built or remodeled to create a physically safe environment within a neighborhood setting. With a small number of residents in each home, it is normal for our staff and residents to get attached to each other.

As you can see on the right side of this page, we offer comprehensive care for seniors. Your loved one’s needs are our number one priority. We offer nutritious home cooked meals three times per day. We monitor medications, help with bathing and personal care. We work with each family to determine appropriate and comfortable social interaction for each resident.

Whether it’s for short or long term care, hospice or respite care – we focus on each individual’s unique situation. With specialized capabilities in dementia and mental health areas, we understand that each situation must be carefully reviewed before bringing a new person into one of our homes.

When you come to meet us we will ask and answer questions to insure that we truly can meet your needs and expectations for solutions that may fall under the category of  assisted living in Vancouver WA.

Please contact us to discuss our openings and how they may meet your particular needs.