Assisted Living Clark County WA

Our guiding values for assisted living Clark County WA

As an Adult Family Home provider, we offer the same benefits as an assisted living facility plus so much more. We provide care in a small family home setting where our caregivers and residents enjoy warm, trusting relationships.

Our philosophy of care centers around our residents and giving them the best experience of home we possibly can. Our guiding principles highlight our commitment to providing the highest quality service and support to our residents. assisted living Clark County WA

One of our top priorities is to preserve the dignity of each of our residents. We appreciate the unique life experiences of all the seniors in our care, and treat each one with the respect they so deserve. We recognize that each of our residents has a history that we want to get to know and understand. Through daily interactions we come to know and treasure each individual. In this way we can provide services and activities based on the individual characteristics, needs and preferences of each person in our care.

We encourage independence and self-reliance in any ways that are possible. Our homes are designed to allow mobility in a safe environment, and our staff does whatever is necessary to support the autonomy of our residents. We also offer our residents freedom of choice whenever possible, so that their lives continue to be self-determined. The Harmony Senior Home way of life empowers folks to live life on their own terms.

We value the participation of family and friends in all of our activities, at any time of the day. We encourage our residents’ loved ones to come as much as they desire. It’s a huge benefit to our seniors to have friends and family supporting and loving them with regular visits. We highly value open communication with the families of our residents because it facilitates the best possible experience for the seniors in our care.

For these and so many other reasons, when you are looking for assisted living Clark County WA contact Harmony Senior Homes to schedule a tour. See why our residents and their families so highly recommend us.