Assisted Living in Clark County WA

Our people make the difference in assisted living in Clark County WA

As you look for an assisted living facility and see all the choices, it can be easy to get overwhelmed by all the possibilities. The antidote for this is to focus on the key aspects that are the most important to you. As a rule, amenities matter less than staff and the other residents. It’s the people that really make an assisted living home what it is. You can tell a lot about a home by knowing the people who live and work there. You want (or want your loved one) to live in a home where the staff is caring and warm, and the residents are happy and friendly. assisted living in Clark County WA

When you meet the staff, ask yourself these questions. Do they have time to spend with you, or are they rushing through? Do they seem genuinely interested in you and your family? How do they interact with the current residents? Can you get a sense of how they handle emergencies?

When you meet the residents, do they seem happy? Do they appear to enjoy interacting with each other? Do they seem like people you would like to know better? Are the activities and hobbies at the home ones you would enjoy getting involved in?

At Harmony Senior Homes, our staff is dedicated, caring, and skilled. When you meet our staff members, you will see for yourself how warm, friendly and committed they are. And our residents will tell you how happy and content they are living in our comfortable Adult Family Homes. Contact us today for a tour of one of our homes.