Residential and Care Homes

Residential and care homes go by many different names.

Adult Family Homes are known by various names depending on where you live. Sometimes they are known as Residential Care Homes, sometimes as Residential Care for the Elderly. In some areas they are called Personal Care Homes, or sometimes Sheltered Housing. They are also known as Homes for Adults, Senior Foster Care, and in some places, Senior Group Homes.

residential and care homes

Whatever name they are known by, Adult Family Homes are always smaller in size and scale than assisted living facilities. They can house up to six residents, and are often lower in cost than other types of facilities. Most of the time they are typical family homes in residential neighborhoods, and residents may have private bedrooms and bathrooms or shared bedrooms and bathrooms. The other rooms of the house are shared with the other residents of the home, providing opportunities for social interaction at meals and throughout the day.

In residential and care homes, services are delivered in a personal, family-style setting. Depending on your (or your loved one’s) needs for privacy, independence, and assistance, an Adult Family Home may be the perfect fit for your next living situation. At Harmony Senior Homes you will find the best possible senior care. Visit us today to see what we have to offer.