Assisted Living Washougal WA

When it’s time for assisted living Washougal WA:

When you know it’s time to look for assisted living, one of the first steps to take is to assess your, or your loved one’s needs for care and support. Some seniors will need little to no assistance, others will need moderate assistance, such as help with medication and some health monitoring. Still others will have more involved care needs. An assisted living facility or adult family home will conduct an assessment of each new resident. Then, to give family members a feel for what type of senior environment is most appropriate for your particular situation, it is a tremendous help to have a senior adviser to guide you. A Caring Heart Senior Referral Service is a fantastic resource for finding senior housing in Washougal or Vancouver WA. assisted living Washougal WA

When it comes time, families and seniors should visit potential assisted living homes together. It can be tough making that big decision for someone else, even though sometimes that scenario cannot be avoided. Our best advice for making the decision about when it is time for your senior to make the move to some kind of assisted living Washougal WA, is to follow your heart. Change is hard, but the fact is that most seniors, once they get through the transition period, experience a better quality of life in their new home. A better quality of life is what we offer at Harmony Senior Homes. Call to schedule a visit today.