At Harmony, our purpose is to make residents feel cared for while providing the blend of services that meet their individual needs.  Our service is designed to bring resources and caring assistance while encouraging each resident to be appropriately independent.  Our support for the activities of daily living (ADL) range from occasional, simple assistance to more Harmony Senior Homes Servicescomplete support for those who are recovering from a stroke, managing diabetes or living with cancer, a heart condition, Parkinson’s,  Alzheimer’s or dementia. We make sure that the safety, dignity and well-being of each resident is upheld continuously.

Harmony’s small home setting means that each resident receives ample attention and that no one goes without the services they need.  Our high caregiver-to-resident ratio (as compared with large nursing or assisted living homes) means that our caregivers have the time to serve each resident and, sometimes, simply spend time with them.

We also serve the families and guardians of each resident by regularly communicating and providing emotional support as needed through the changing phases of life, including end-of-life.  Visits are encouraged and the schedule is open and flexible.

Below are descriptions of our services.  We want to answer your questions about Harmony’s services, so please feel free to call us at 360-910-9031.

Meals & Nutrition

We provide high quality meals and snacks, prepared in-home, and keep the pantry open between meals. We provide guest meals and take joy in celebrating special occasions such as birthdays and holidays. We also bring meals to the rooms of our residents who need this support. We may provide special dietary plans and feeding assistance where needed.


Each resident can enjoy viewing programs on cable TV, and reading books, magazines and newspapers from our small libraries. In-home pets bring warmth and companionship. We also offer live entertainment on a regular basis, outings to local attractions, exercise programs, sing-a-longs, games, shopping trips and guest speakers. We can also host family meetings or celebrations.

Personal Care

Our caring service extends to all the basics of life, including 24-hour staff, transfers, wheelchair use, lift/hoyer, hair, skin, oral care, shaving, dressing, pericare and ongoing skin evaluations. Of course, we take care of housekeeping, laundry, and all linens.

Health Care

The Harmony staff seeks to support healing while delivering professional services to make the most of each resident’s situation. Staff are trained and licensed to support an array of health care needs, and are effective at working with doctors, our on-call registered nurses (RN’s) and family members. We professionally administer medications, track vital signs, keep charts up-to-date, and apply health-enhancing resources as needed, such as supplemental oxygen, catheters, colostomy and ileostomy, and feeding tubes.

Hospice Care

When it’s time to begin treating symptoms of a disease rather than seeking a cure, hospice services become important. To preserve quality of life, hospice care helps manage pain and other symptoms of late-stage disease. This helps preserve comfort and dignity and makes it easier to enjoy relationships. Every effort is made to frequently assess and balance treating the resident’s symptoms, particularly pain symptoms, with maintaining adequate alertness for decision-making and to interact with family and friends.

Of course, family and guardians are integral to the decision-making process related to hospice care, and Harmony staff is available around the clock to provide updates, arrange for longer-term visits, and to facilitate the individual’s and family’s need for emotional and/or spiritual support.  We work to make arrangements to support each person’s preferences as we collaborate with the hospice team, which frequently includes the family, doctors, nurses, counselors, clergy, social workers, and trained volunteers who are available in-home.  Please contact us if you have questions about our approach to hospice care services for seniors.