Care in Residential Homes

Expert and compassionate care in residential homes:

Another term you will sometimes see for adult family homes is residential care homes. These homes are part of a regular neighborhood, usually indistinguishable from the other homes in the neighborhood. Care in residential homes in Washington state is provided in a single family home for up to six residents. They offer a homelike setting for seniors who need some supportive services, but do not want to live in a large assisted living community. care in residential homes

Also sometimes called board and care homes, this is an option for older adults who have no skilled medical needs such as a feeding tube or daily injections. The basic services that are provided are a private or shared room, all meals, assistance with activities of daily living as needed, medication reminders or dispensing, laundry, housekeeping and transportation services.

Seniors who want to live in a real home, in a smaller setting, with home-cooked meals and a backyard, will be delighted to find Harmony Senior Homes. Our staff members know each resident well, and attend to their needs quickly, treating them as individuals. Visiting potential residential care homes is important, because they vary greatly in looks, style, staff and management. There is no substitute for visiting in person and getting a feel for the atmosphere of the home. It’s essential that you find the right fit when selecting a residential care home for yourself or for your loved one.