Choosing Assisted Living in Vancouver WA

Mother and Daugther - Assisted Living in Vancouver WA - Adult Family HomesAt Harmony Senior Homes it is our goal to help families and individuals who are seeking assisted living in Vancouver WA by providing family style care in our 3 adult family home locations.

Assisted Living in Vancouver WA is available in many forms. From expensive luxury retirement living facilities to skilled nursing facilities, as well as the type of service we focus on – Adult Family Homes. What is important when choosing the right location for yourself or a loved one is to choose an assisted living environment that meets your physical and emotional needs.

When a person moves into an adult family home, the assisted living environment is more along the lines of what they would experience moving into the home of another family member. We model our care after long standing traditions where generations often shared a home.

In years gone by in America, and still in many of the European countries, it was common to find 3 or even 4 generations of a single family comfortably sharing one home. While our homes are not quite the same (after all, we don’t expect our residents to care for the children of other residents or prepare meals for the younger generations etc.) we do embrace each resident as a “family member”.

Research shows that companionship and interactions with others is critical to our well being. While providing support for physical needs such as daily care, meals and laundry services, we feel it is our emotional support and honest compassionate caring that sets us apart in the world of elder care.

Of course, each personality is unique. We encourage loved ones and those that need our care to meet with us and tour our homes before making any decisions about this important move into an assisted living environment.