Elder Care Vancouver WA

How Harmony Senior Homes Elder Care Vancouver WA can address seniors’ top concerns

Living in an Adult Family Home such as Harmony Senior Homes, helps answer all of the concerns you and your family may have about the health and safety of your older loved one. The most common concerns that many families have when their loved one lives alone, are the following: elder care Vancouver WA

  • Seniors are not getting the proper nutrition and hydration. Those seniors dealing with chronic pain, memory problems or disabilities, who want to keep their everyday tasks as simple as possible, are often likely to eat things that they can prepare quickly and easily. Which may mean that it is not very healthy for them over time. Also, many seniors do not drink enough liquids, and this lands many senior citizens in the hospital with dehydration. Our solution to this is an Adult Family Home where the nutritional needs of the residents are one of the top priorities. The food is not only nutritious, but also delicious and enticing, so seniors are sure to get all the nourishment their bodies need.
  • Some seniors have trouble taking their medication on time and in the right dosage. Often, seniors living alone don’t have a consistent schedule, which makes it hard to remember to take their medicine. Also, many seniors have several different prescription medications to take at various times throughout the day. This can be particularly challenging for those with memory issues. Unfortunately, when medications are not taken in the correct dosage or at the right times, it can cause a variety of symptoms. At Harmony Senior Homes we supervise or administer the taking of medications, so our residents stay healthy and safe with regard to their medicine.
  • Seniors are at risk of falling. Many have trouble navigating around their homes, and don’t like to admit it. Plenty of homes have not been modified with safety features such as grab bars in the bathroom, or there are wires and throw rugs which pose a tripping hazard. Some medical conditions add to the likelihood of a fall, for example, vision or hearing problems, balance issues, foot and leg problems, migraines, circulation problems, after-effects of strokes and brain injuries. Many elderly have knee, hip and back problems that can contribute to falls too. Harmony Senior Homes are designed with the highest safety standards, and our staff is skilled in assisting residents with mobility and transfer issues.
  • Seniors may suffer from loneliness and depression when they outlive relatives and friends. Studies have shown that those who have friends in old age generally fare much better than those who are more solitary. People who are alone too much naturally get depressed, and depression can lead to a number of other physical conditions. At Harmony Senior Homes we offer many solutions to this dilemma, including many opportunities for our residents to socialize and make connections with each other. We also place a high value on supporting family bonds.
  • Seniors stop exercising. Many will lose hope that they can make any positive changes in their body or their health. Of course, we know that exercise is important for seniors, as it is for virtually everyone. Among other benefits, it results in increased circulation, appetite, and better sleep. We provide engaging opportunities for our residents to get regular exercise because we know how valuable it is for them.

Harmony Senior Homes Elder Care Vancouver WA can help you and your loved ones relax, knowing we dedicate ourselves to addressing the big issues that concern many families.